SportLoMo enables thousands of sports organizations, leagues, teams and players to connect with their sport in an innovative way.


Sports League and Membership Software for Association, League and Clubs





Online League Software that saves 15 hours+ per Week

We provide sports administrators with league software and sports membership software (all on the one platform).  Manage your sport efficiently, save time, reduce workload and attract more players to your sport.  Award winning, advanced sports software that is easy to use.  Book a demo now.

Live Scoring and Up to the Minute Game Schedule

LIVE Scoring is our speciality. We have a unique, smart and very comprehensive scoring system. Live Scores are a core feature of our Competition Management Software. Scores are official and accurate using our sports software.  'Official scores' are recorded from the side of a pitch, minutes after the final whistle.

Affordable Next Generation Sports Software

We believe amateur sports should be able to access excellent technology at an affordable price. We understand that price is very important to you.  We have created a pricing model that is attractive for you.  We are able to provide our sports software at a reduced cost as we leverage the interest in your sport with your permission. Pricing


Complete Online Sports Solution

Saves countless hours on team registration, player registration, membership, scheduling games, collecting scores, managing tournaments, rosters, assigning referees and umpires and updating your website.

Sports League Management Software and Online Team Registration for amateur Sports.  Book a demo today.

Interested in a Sports Business Opportunity?

We are interested in exploring opportunities with leagues, associations, business partners, entrepreneurial individuals, sports media, franchisee and sports distributors -view our 1 minute video below.  Our top sports -  rugby software, soccer software, basketball software, field hockey software and loads more.




Have you ever thought to yourself….

"I can't believe running this league is taking so much whole weekend is gone!"

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